Welcome to the ACCENT’s website !

ACCENTS, A Club of CEntrale Nantes for Traveling Students !

Our goal ?

To ease relations between Centrale Nantes students and foreign students, with joy and in good mood !

Our actions ?

  • To help and inform foreign students before their arrival and stay at Centrale Nantes (welcome guide, answer to questions, …)
  • To welcome foreigners when they arrive (pick-up at the station or airport, welcome week with activities designed to help with administrative work and familiarize with the town and the school, …)
  • To set up some events linked to intercultural exchanges (dinner, party, trip, …)
  • To take part in the organization of the reception of students that come from foreign universities for a short time.
  • To collect information to help Centrale Nantes students to go abroad

How you can use this website ?

  • You are preparing to come to our marvelous country ?
You will find in the part Welcoming guide various information about what to do before coming, and when arriving. It will give you administrative information, regarding formalities you need to accomplish here (bank, insurance, school paperwork…) but also information that deal more with “student life”, such as what to visit in Nantes, where to hang out, …
To put it in a nutshell, this Welcome guide provide you all the basics you could wonder about. As it is especially designed for foreign students that join us in Centrale Nantes, we advise you to have a look at it before you begin to look for information somewhere else.
  • You are in Centrale Nantes (or in France at least) ?
Don’t forget to take a look at the page Activities, you will find a list of all the activities we propose during the year, all aimed at gathering people from different culture together. Don’t hesitate to participate to that amazing activities !
Comments ? Problems ? Ideas ? Willing to take part ?

Send a mail to accents@eleves.ec-nantes.fr.